Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer

Tanot Mata Ka Mandir Imagine you are going on a trip to Jaisalmer. Have you visited all the forts and palaces? Have you enjoyed by staying in the luxury camps in Sam sand dunes? Still, you feel like visiting some more places. Then make a trip to Tanot village where you will find a wonderful temple filled with beauty and calmness. It is the temple of Tanot Mata which is well-known for many interesting facts.

The temple dates back to the 8th century. The importance of the deity was realized only by the local people in the initial days. But later it acquired the fame because of the divine power of the Mata. The goddess is said to be an embodiment of Hinglaj Mata. It became f a tourist destination only after 1965. You will know the reason behind this by reading the following story.

India was under pressure to win the Indo-Pak war that happened in 1965. It withstood the pressure and won in many places. But the victory in a place called Sadewala was very special. This is because a few numbers of soldiers on the Indian side succeeded against the huge firepower on the other side. The reason cited by various legends is that 3000 bombs dropped by the Pakistani side could explode and this is because of the divine power of the Tanot Mata Ka Mandir. This temple was just nearer to the battlefield.  After this incident, the Border Security Forces took over the administration. Even the priest who does the daily poojas is a soldier from the BSF.

You will be surprised to know that the Pakistani general visited this temple on hearing the miracles.  These bombs even now kept in the museum which is located within the premises of the temple.

The similar thing again happened in the 1971 war against Pakistan. This time, Pakistani forces didn’t choose Sadewala as it was well guarded. Instead, they have attacked our forces in a village named Longewala. Even here, Indian army with the company of just 120 men was able to triumph against the huge number of soldiers from the opponent side. The bombs did not explode. Its fame rose even more. If you want to have a visual representation of the scenes, then watch the Bollywood movie Border as the battle is well portrayed.

You can reach Tanot Mata ka Mandir by taxis from Jaisalmer. You need not worry about the fare as it is reasonable. There will be many places that we can see during the journey. As this terrain is good for harnessing wind power, you will be stunned to see the various windmill energy power plants constructed around this area. After offering the prayers to the Mata, we can visit the museum which is well maintained by the Border Security forces.

You can also pay a visit to the battle site in Longewala. For this, you need to get the permission from the Indian government officials. This is because the site is very nearer to the India- Pakistan border. But, you must visit this place as the battle at Longewala is considered to be one of the most important battles in independent India.

To have more fun, you can arrange for camel safaris to explore the desert area around this place. Always plan your trip to this temple is the winter that is in the months of November to January as the temperature will be lower. It also helps us in enjoying the area to the maximum. You cannot be engaged in phone here as there is no proper mobile network coverage except BSNL. You will not be able to find any public telephone booths too. So, your complete attention will be on sightseeing only!!

If you are planning a wedding in Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer as it is one of the best wedding destinations, then visit this temple too. Start your new life with the blessings of the Mata.

Plan your trip to Jaisalmer in the following manner:  Choose one of the best Jaisalmer tourist packages, stay in the best hotels or the luxury camps, seek the blessing of Tanot Mata first, then Have fun in the sand dunes with the traditional cuisine and the cultural performances.

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