Unforgettable Office and Corporate Event in Deserts of Jaisalmer.

A taste of the authentic rural life that people in this area have been leading for centuries, we will head into the deserts; and what better way to do this than by camel!

We will travel in groups, much like the age-old camel caravans that have crossed the deserts for centuries. Then, just before sunset, our atmospheric desert camp appears, as if from nowhere, on the horizon.

If you love photography, you will revel in this amazing scenery and the unique light that comes from a desert sunset.

The party gets under way after sunset, with food and music, warmed by a roaring bonfire. Your feast will be classic Rajasthani fare, traditionally prepared. As the night continues, the music will rise into the night sky… dubstep, drum and bass, hiphop; we’ll be laying on the beats to carry you through to the New Year.

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