Explore Jaisalmer in Thrilling Way via Desert Bike Riding Tours

Riding bike in crowded streets and in desert is altogether two different experiences. The former option can be picked by anybody however those who have extreme passion of riding bike in desert areas would stuck with the latter one. If you fall in the second category, then Jaisalmer is calling you with open arms.

The golden city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer has unique yellowish sandstone architecture, which creates an urge among tourists to explore the distinctive beauty of the place. While touring to the city, you have two options: either to hire expensive rental cabs or taxis or feel and breathe the golden sand of the city by unraveling it over non-expensive bikes.

Desert Bike Riding Tours in Jaisalmer

As per the tastes and preferences of tourists, they can either opt for quad biking in the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer or avail desert bike riding tours in which the entire city is explored over bikes. In India, Jaislalmer is rated as one of the best destinations to experience quad biking owing to sand dunes. Many international tourists prefer enjoying this off-road activity, quad biking for entire day in the desert. They love the thrill of driving four tyre motorbikes over rocky land and desert dunes. While most of the national and individual tourists prefer desert bike riding tours as they are cost-effective and exciting.

In bike driving tours, geared and non-geared bikes like Honda Activa, TVS Scooty, etc., are given on rent to tourists either on half-day or full day. Some tourists even take bikes on rent for 3-4 days. Along with bikes, complete driving instructions and the city’s map is provided by service providers. Tourists are free to cover as many points of attractions on one day and enjoy the ride even till the late hours in the night. Depending upon the bike chosen, number of days, etc., the rental charges are levied. Many companies like Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp offer bike on per hour basis also—so, it’s absolutely your wish whether you want to enjoy desert bike ride for 3 hours or 1 week!

For getting best rates of desert bike riding tours or Jaisalmer tours, make advance bookings. Bookings in advance saves time and energy and also eliminates last minute hustle and bustle. So, take a look at various packages offered by Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp and book the package which suits your requirements.

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