Christmas & New Year Celebration in Jaisalmer

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About Christmas & New Year Celebration in Jaisalmer

Christmas and new year celebrations in Jaisalmer are the most exciting and thrilling festivals celebrated with a lot of fun in Jaisalmer and many other parts of Rajasthan. It’s again the Christmas time and New Year that we all have been waiting for the past 12 months. Morning chills, misty days, trampled leaves, all bring back the memories of the last year festivities when the family united with its dear ones, exchanging of the gifts took place, new resolutions were made, new hopes and aspirations fill the heart of everyone with happiness. Almost every country is in a festive mood with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. The huge celebration takes place in every section of the city. However, there is something that sets the celebrations and hotel in Jaisalmer apart from all of them. Christmas is a holy festival and has large religious sentiments attached with it. Keeping this in mind, celebrations that take place in Jaisalmer maintain all the sanctity of the occasion mixed with heart-pumping pomp and show.

And one state that runs away with the crown for the best celebrations, is the part of Rajasthan. Be it Christmas or New Year with Luxury Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, every soul in Goa enjoys heart out. One needs to be in the middle of it all to get the experience of the gala.

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