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Deep in the heart of the Great Thar Desert lies an oasis of silky golden sand dunes.

A blissful paradise.

An exotic, camel-train trade route.

And the foundation where Sheesh Mahal Desert Camps has laid its groundwork since 2010.

Our Head Office is based in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and sister company of My Trip My Travel, is established nationwide as the premium provider of hospitality and services in this particular oasis – the Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer.

Why Sheesh Mahal Desert Camps?

Founder Nitesh Jain started this company in the hopes of connecting each traveler to the unique culture and history encompassing not only Jaisalmer, but also the entire Rajasthan region. Through his decade of experience in the industry, Jain is reputable and eager to bring these traditions to life in the eyes of newcomers.

Our Mission:

We want you to be a part of the rustic culture and ancient traditions of Jaisalmer, without having to get your hands dirty – and we mean that in every sense possible. At Sheesh Mahal Desert Camps, our experienced and responsive staff remains on call 24/7 to assist you in creating a completely customized glamping experience.

What is “Glamping?”

We’re glad you asked.

It’s fusion of “glamour” and “camping.”

Think of it as camping without the hardships.

A way to retreat into nature without foregoing any of life’s luxuries.

You get the tents and the outdoor experience, but you don’t get the pests, the exhaustive heat, and cramped quarters.

And here at Sheesh Mahal Desert Camps, we provide a wide assortment of activities for a completely personalized retreat into the Sam Sand Dunes.

From Jeep expeditions to camel safaris, no trip to Jaisalmer would be complete without voyaging into the desert. For the adventurers and thrill-seekers, hop on into our air-conditioned 4×4 for a whirlwind ride over the undulating dunes – and for the rest…a leisurely stroll atop the Thar’s most lovable creature.

But it isn’t just about having fun. If it were, you’d just book a trip to Vegas, right?

At Sheesh Mahal Desert Camps, we want every vacationer to leave having had a true cultural experience. Traditional folk dancing, campfires underneath the starry  sky, stories from elders – in essence, forming a connection between history, people, and culture.

Need a break from it all? Ask about our new detox therapy known as “sand bathing.”

Or, simply request a massage. Your wish is our command – and our hospitality is the reason you will never want to leave the Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp.

Our staff works tirelessly to make sure your experience is a unique and

unforgettable one. That is our premise.

That is Sheesh Mahal Desert Camps……….